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We have been importing medical products from reputable medical companies in the U.S. and Europe and distributing them throughout Iran since 1988.

We have established a reputation of honesty, responsibility, cooperation, and most importantly outstanding performance. We are proud to say that we consistently hit and often surpassed our quotas and targets.

Our offices are located in the main business district in Tehran (Abbas Abad). The vast majority of medical and financial businesses are situated in this area.

We distribute our products to private and public hospitals directly in Tehran and through our sub-agents in all major cities in Iran.

We place special emphasis on training our sales team and ensure that they have meticulous technical knowledge of the products they present and any major competing products, as well as ensuring that they have a good understanding of our end-users. And of course our clients are always re-assured by our quality after-sales service and support.

Our objective in acquiring a new business partner is to establish a long-lasting, mutually beneficial business relationship. Aside our dedication to excellent performance, we will ensure the success and sustainability of our partnership through our commitment to honesty and communication, as well as reciprocal cooperation and support.